Sunday, September 6, 2015

Drawing Lines-All Lives Matter

I find it funny that those people who try to draw a line in the sand to make you decided who's lives matter most are the ones who actually make divisions with these lines.  The second you make a stand that your race, religion, or whatever else is equally important is the moment you segregate yourself from the rest of society.  I for one do not have to justify to anyone where my loyalties lie based on the types of friends I have.  Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love based on character and not on lifestyles and appearances or beliefs.  The race card needs to be put away for good.  Al Sharpton needs to pay his taxes, stay his fat ass at home, have a coke, and a smile, and shut the fuck up.  Heres why.  Have you ever turned on BET which is exclusively for african americans and seen a performer do stand up?  How many times do white people become part of the act?  "white people be" is the cornerstone of a lot of black comedy.  When the popular culture is blacks calling blacks the "N" word it opens the doors for narrow minded people to feel free to classify them as that word.  It's not right but the example is never set.  As far as our men in blue go.  They are here for a reason, and that is to protect us.  That should not be forgotten.  Social media and media in general has sensationalized them for all the wrong reasons.  People make mistakes.  Doctors,  Soldiers,  Priests,  everyone.  That doesn't mean that we turn our backs on them all when there are a few bad apples in the group.  I will re-state what I've thought all along.  ALL LIVES MATTER!!! If you don't believe this, you are part of the reason our country is so divided.  There will always be ignorant people among us and we will never agree on everything but tolerance and love for humanity can take us a long way.  These traits are taught and not inherited through genes, it can be fixed.  I'm all over the place but for now I leave my soapbox with what I always leave you with. I love you ALL, you're beautiful.

Saturday, May 30, 2015 The Mystery of Online Dating

Everywhere you look there is a new dating website popping up for those who are in search of a life-mate or for people who just want a little company.  A little company is code word for one night stands by the way.  It seems like the online dating market is flooded with sites for any tastes that the public might have.  There is, Christian mingle, Farmers only, Pork your sister etc...  I for one never went this route to find anybody but lately I've seen a lot of success from my friends who use this method to date.  Some may argue that the intimacy level may not be there but the lack of pressure to hump makes it easier to get to know the person without any type of interference or sexual obligation.  I guess with new technology it's easy to see if you have chemistry through text and email.  For me, it solidifies that people are more likely to bond if they are physically attracted to the person.  How many horror stories have you heard of online daters who were disappointed by the way the date actually looked as opposed to the profile picture?  In that case I would just post a picture of a platinum credit card.  Of course I'd have a lot of explaining to do when I'm doing dishes at the restaurant after our meal.  I'm thinking that the reason it works is because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the preliminary would be first actual dates.  Wheres the fun in that?  The best part of dating is letting the other person find out just how fucked up you are on their own!  When it comes to this method of soul searching some say its the easy way out, others say it's the smart way.  I say, to each his own.  Some hunt with a rifle, others with a bow, I prefer stalking-Elmer Fudd style.  I don't care or judge how you meet them, as long as you end up happy.  Well, until next time.  I'm off to start my own online dating

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Go Fund Me, Then Go F@#k Yourself

Charity is a staple of life.  There will always be an unbalance of wealth in our society as there always has been.  These days with technology the field has turned in a weird way for charitable causes to get exposure.  Long gone are the days of the Jerry Lewis telethon.  These days instead of rolling out a BBQ pit and selling plates for a benefit, you can just go online, set up an account such as Go Fund Me, and watch the loot roll in.  My only question is...what justifies a legit campaign?  I mean, I see people who are in desperate need.  A loved one suddenly passes away, medical bills become overwhelming, and so forth.  I get it, i really do.  I had tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills last year and it really took a toll on our finances.  I'm just not on board with the people looking for handouts so that there is no disruption in the lifestyle they live.  Musicians have become the worst.  The same assholes who were on MTV cribs a few years ago are pleading with their fans to fund new projects and albums.  Kiss my ass on that one.  I just got an email from one of my favorite bands asking to pledge money on their new project only months after the lead singer is bragging about the Aston Martins and Ferrari's he drives to his mansion.  Horse shit.  Another thing, if you don't have the common courtesy to say hi at least once a year or ask how I'm doing, please don't insult me and ask for money.  Internet panhandling has become a real epidemic.  No, I don't want to donate so your kid can go on vacation out of state.  My ass can hardly afford gas and groceries.  I don't mean to sound bitter but it pisses me off that the real people in need are getting overshadowed by the people who are taking advantage of the system that is designed to help THOSE IN NEED.  Lets take a step back, and re-prioritize what is important in life.  When there is a will, there is a way.  When you are far from desperation, you can make things happen on your own.  Peace, as always.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Striking Out On Oil

These days the oil industry is suffering in America.  To the joy of consumers, gasoline prices have fallen.  To the oilfield workers, this spells disaster.  I've been reading a lot in social and other media that the oil workers' lives are falling apart because of the mass layoffs and lack of work.  My take on this...tough shit.  EVERYBODY takes risks in what they do for a living so if you want sympathy from me, you won't get it.  Where was the sympathy for the mass public when for years oil execs all the way down to field workers were banking on HUGE profits that came out of our pockets?  We struggled daily to get by because of the necessity for this commodity.  I remember being gifted a tattoo for christmas last year and while sitting at the shop waiting for my appointment there was a young oilfield worker bragging to me that he made so much money in the field, he couldn't spend it fast enough.  He was paying for his third large tattoo that week with his per diem check that he didn't need for necessity.  My tattoo was a huge splurge as far as cost.  I thought, wow...I'm in the wrong business.  The thing I take from this is-when the economy suffers, it effects everyone.  You have to manage your money as if the flow won't be there tomorrow.  Those in the salon or hair or nail business know that when things get tough financially for people, their services usually get cut first.  Risk and reward is the name of the game.  Food servers that bust their ass like everyone else know that when the budget tightens for people, eating out becomes less of a priority.  Name any field out there and there are risks in the career you choose.  I respect anyone who makes a living by working for it whether it's the kat laying down pipe in the oil field or the janitor that takes the trash out at the office.  This is a wake up call to all.  So when oil skyrockets and oil prices become outlandish again and the oil workers get un-laid the hell off, maybe then they will remember that maybe it's time to put a little money away for a rainy or especially a dry day.  Until next time, Peace to all.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Celebrity Crushes-Good or Bad for Relationships?

Crushes are normal.  Unless it's for another species, they are healthy ways to admire beauty and awe or respect for people who may or not be attainable to you.  Relationships on the other hand are bonds that are meant not to be broken.  So, what happens when you have a crush on an unattainable person while in a relationship?  For most, it's harmless.  For others, it's forbidden.  I think the difference in the two revolves around a few things.  One, TRUST.  If your significant other can't trust you, good luck talking to them about anything else you have an attraction to.  Second, SELF-ESTEEM.  If your spouse lacks self-esteem on any level there is no way that they are gonna be ok with the comparisons drawn to anything else.  Third, RESPECT.  Some spouses feel disrespected when it comes to their partners looking anywhere else for gratification.  I think I have it easy.  I have all three when it comes to my relationship.  I trust my wife, am very confident in myself, and don't feel disrespected on any level by her.  Our communication is pretty bad ass to handle anything like that. She has a crush on Adrien Brody.  It's not hard to compete with a guy who looks like Gonzo and Kermit from the muppets had a baby and starved it.  She also likes Jason Staham.  That one would worry me a little bit.  He could slap me on national T.V. and all I'd be able to do is apologize for pissing him off.  I don't think she has much to worry about on my end.  All my crushes look like my wife anyway.  Fairuza Balk and Sarah Miller are pretty close.  The one that doesn't is Laura Calder but she lives in Canada so I don't think my wife is worried.  She has said that it would be different for her if these people were accessible to me.  I wouldn't worry if I were my wife, crushes to me are fantasy.  There are boundaries in fantasy though.  Look back at what I said about respecting your partner.  Just remember, beauty should be admired but not worshipped.  Crushes are normal, as long as the line isn't crossed based on your significant others' comfort level.  Till next time, I gotta go.  I have a French Food at Home marathon planned for today.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Close, No Matter How Far...

I'm a social media whore pretty much.  I get off to the idea that I can stay connected with people I can't normally see on a regular basis and especially those who live long distances from me.  This weekend opened my eyes a bit.  We drove down to the Texas coast which by normal standards is a hell of a road trip.  Only there was I able to meet up with old friends that live merely minutes away from me.  The question was raised on the beach as we caught up and reflected.  "Why do we have to drive 200 miles to hang out when we're normally 5 minutes away from each other?"  The past few weeks a friend of mine and sister in law spearheaded a reunion for all of the people that went to our high school.  The response was less than overwhelming.  Again, why?  Why is it ok to see each other in passing at a funeral or a hospital but we can't sacrifice enough time to get together for a meal or just to show our appreciation for each other?  We are so comfortable being one with each other via a social media site but not face to face.  I have friends on Facebook that I rarely ever spoke to and some people I flat out never met in person.  We are comfortable with divulging intimate details of our lives with strangers on the biggest open outlet known to man but ask them to come over for a drink and all of a sudden things are awkward.  It's time we stepped it up.  I genuinely care about my friends and if I have to organize a reunion every few months to see them, then thats what I'm gonna do.  Hell, if I have to see 800 pictures of your newborn every day, at least let me meet the little guy/girl.  I mean that in a smart ass way of course but I hope you get my point.  Life is short, peeps.  I much rather say goodbye to you with a hug and not while looking in a casket.  Until next time, I love you all, you're beautiful.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Peace, Love, and Confusion

I sit at my laptop a bit of a mess today as I woke up to some disturbing words aimed my way.  I know I'm not the best type of friend to have.  I hate schedules, appointments, and I hate rushing.  I have a gigantic family and several friends so it's impossible for me to spend as much time as I'd like with everyone I want to. My demeanor is simple, I don't like to have any enemies or have anyone with negative thoughts about me.  I do my best to be someone who is enjoyable to be around.  My favorite thing in the world is to make people laugh.  I've said a million times that life is too short to have any kind of negativity in my life.  So why did these words destroy my day before it started?  Because I felt that I'd failed.  I failed as a friend, a person, and I failed someone who I care about and respect.  My intentions are never to hurt anybody.  Maybe I've undermined how enjoyable I can be.  I don't know.  In retrospect it will teach me how to move forward and be everything that I want to be as a person.  A better husband, father, and most of all, friend.  I learn from things that happen to me and don't take things for granted.  I radiate love but at this moment I feel that inside me is a black heart.  They say time heals, in this case I pray it does.  I have so many regrets in life that I can't get back.  The only thing I can do is dust myself off and push forward.  Till next time, I love you're beautiful.